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We are one of the largest Badminton clubs in Colorado. Recreational and competitive players of all ages are welcome to play Badminton in 3 morning and 3 afternoon/evening sessions. Every year we host the Fort Collins Open tournament at the Northside Aztlan Community Center with 9 beautiful badminton courts with high ceilings, bright lighting, and hardwood floors.

Here you will find updates about Fort Collins Badminton Club and local badminton tournaments in Colorado. Whether you want to seriously improve your game or just want to play: Come join us some time!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

2016 Fort Collins Tournament

Dear Colorado Badminton Enthusiasts,

The Fort Collins Badminton Open is HERE! 

Mark your calendars for Sunday 09/11/2016.

The purpose of this tournament is to develop interest in Badminton, provide exposure to local players and a challenge to the advanced players coming in from other clubs in Colorado.

We will have a Lucky Draw as usual for giving away Prizes!

This year, all Colorado tournaments have moved to an online Registration system using Tournament Software, which uses PayPal/Credit Card to collect the entry fee. 

Instructions for Online Entry:
  • Create an account(if you don't have one) -> Tournament_Software-Sign_Up
  • Login to the website -> Tournament_Software-Login
  • Open the Online Registration Page ->  2016_Fort_Collins_Open
    1. Review the Tournament Regulations
    2. Enter Personal Details & Enter Club Name
    3. Select Events & Enter Partner Name
    4. If Registering by 08/18/2016, Enter Your T-Shirt Size
    5. Verify the Entry & then Click 'Submit'
    6. Pay Using PayPal/Credit Card
  • Your Registration is Complete!
Any Questions? Contact Klaus Muehlbradt at fcbc.public@gmail.com

If You Haven't Been Playing Recently, Now is the Time to Start Again.
Come Forward and Participate without Inhibitions for an Experience You Won't Forget!

Much Love,
FC Open Team.