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We are one of the largest Badminton clubs in Colorado. Recreational and competitive players of all ages are welcome to play Badminton in 3 morning and 3 afternoon/evening sessions. Every year we host the Fort Collins Open tournament at the Northside Aztlan Community Center with 9 beautiful badminton courts with high ceilings, bright lighting, and hardwood floors.

Here you will find updates about Fort Collins Badminton Club and local badminton tournaments in Colorado. Whether you want to seriously improve your game or just want to play: Come join us some time!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Moving to an RSVP model for Sunday Sessions

We are moving to an RSVP model for the Sunday sessions. The plan is to send an invite to the registered players on Wednesday and to confirm or cancel the session - based on interest - on Saturday.

I you are interested in playing Sundays, please send a message to the club email address at fcbc.public@gmail.com.

New players should send a message to fcbc.public@gmail.com to register in any case. Email is the preferred vehicle of communication in the club. Email addresses will only be used for communication within the club and not shared with anybody outside of the club.

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