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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Information: Colorado Badminton Tournament Update

Fellow badminton players, 2013 was a great year for tournaments in Colorado, and the tournament directors certainly appreciate your commitment to playing competitive badminton.

We have taken all the results from 2013 and generated the Colorado Badminton rankings and list of designated ‘A’ players (see below) which we will continue to update and post on club websites as 2014 progresses.  So check them out to see where you finished at the end of the year.

We have had a lot of feedback from many of you, and we have taken that feedback on-board to improve your tournament experience in 2014.

Most of the changes we have below, were already in place in 2013, but we wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of them.

So what are the changes?
  1. We will be moving to on-line registration wherever possible.  This makes it easier for you and easier for us, as we can avoid the issue of late entries, missing partners and late payments.
  2. The on-line payment will be shutoff with the tournament deadline, no further payments will be taken. 
    1. Players who have not paid will not be able to participate
    2. Players who have entered, but their partner has not will forfeit their entry fee unless a request partner can be found
  3. We will endeavor to publish draws on-line and earlier so everyone knows when he or she is expected to play, what events and partners and so on.
  4. We will be playing mixed doubles, before level doubles and singles for single day tournaments.
  5. We all know that tournament times are best estimates, so we are requesting that players are there 30 minutes before their event starts, and there will be a 15-minute default rule in place.  So if your match is called and you are not on court and playing within 15 minutes you will be defaulted.
    1.  Of course this doesn’t mean that everyone gets a 15 minute warm-up.  If all players are present then please limit your warm-up to 2-3 minutes and get those games started.
  6. We have created a list of designated ‘A’ players.  These players will not be allowed to play in B or C events as the consensus among players is that this is not fair.
  7. When entering a tournament, please select the appropriate skill level.  Tournament directors will use the rankings and player knowledge to adjust entries to appropriate divisions.
    1. Players who have previously won a ‘B’ or ‘C’ event are expected to move up a level for their subsequent tournaments.
  8. Players may request to play up in doubles (i.e. A and B doubles), this is at the director’s discretion, and with the understanding that due to court time restrictions there may be no designated rest time.
We are always looking for ways to improve your tournament experience, and welcome your feedback


The Tournament directors of Colorado Open, Boulder Tournament, State Games, Fort Collins Open, and the Pikes Peak Open.
{As always, FCBC encourages Fort Collins Players to Actively participate in these tournaments just for the experience and social interactions they provide. Badminton needs a lot of support across the State of Colorado and we can do our bit by participating in these tournaments. Just don't worry about the results!}

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