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Friday, September 7, 2012

2012 Fort Collins Badminton Open - Draws

Dear 108 participants of 2012 FC Open,

Congratulations~ With your support, we altogether have made the 2012 Fort Collins Open achieve the record high participation in Colorado badminton history since the early 1950's.  Thanks to everyone and many, many more thanks to those who have been dedicated to promoting badminton in Colorado for more than 20 years,especially Brent Cutcliffe, Ed Zimmerman, and Kathy Zimmerman.  

Let's celebrate together and have a great memory at this tournament !

Before the party starts, the FC Open Prep Team would like your attention to the following, especially the time !!

TIME:  Unless you plan to go clubbing afterwards...

- If you want to finish by midnight, let's start as early as possible: we will follow the plan to start XD by assigning A, B, C, Seniors to specific courts and the matches will start if the teams are ready.  Check the total entries in your event and stay around.  Don't be a drag... Let's see how fast we can accomplish all the matches and break another record together again!

Max. 5 min for warm up on the court: Please find somewhere else in the gym to warm up first, so you don't spend too much time on the court warming up.  Any bit of time saving would help !

Watch out for personal belongings:

- Everybody should help watch out for players' belongings.  Pay attention to "unfamiliar faces, non-players or non-players' families" wandering around.  Be sure to lock your items in the locker room.  Thefts around Aztlan are not uncommon.  E.g. One FCBC member's car key was stolen and the thief found his car, took all the valuable items from his car...

Medal ceremony & Lucky Draw:

Medal ceremony:
- Medal ceremony will be held twice, at the end of the XD & Doubles and again at the end of the Singles, followed by two Lucky Draws respectively.
- For medalists who need to leave early, please let us know so we can take a photo of your victory before your departure.

Lucky Draw policy:
    ** Each participant automatically gets one lucky draw ticket at check in desk.  Extra tickets are available as a donation to the City of Fort Collins Recreation at $2/ per ticket, unlimited purchase.
    ** Each participant can only win one racket, one service certificate (massage/ physical therapy/ chiropractor), or one 3-racket bag but no restrictions on other accessories. According to our sponsor, the dream 6-racket bags are now floating on the ocean and will be available at the 2013 FC Open.  So we added extra rackets to make up for the unavailable bags.  
    ** Anybody, including non-players can participate in the Lucky Draw activity.  Feel free to make the donation and get more tickets to increase your chances of winning.
    ** We have abundant lucky draw prizes (more than 35 items) but the winner must be present to win.

Second hand badminton gear exchange, free service:

- Bring your extra badminton gear no longer in use, new or used.  Look for the table marked "ADOPT ME!" and a volunteer will help.  With a reasonable asking price, you'll find a new home for your old friends with so many badminton lovers in one place.  Bring cash and checks because the type of payment will be the sellers' preference. 

Pleeeeeeeease: Donation of food & drinks to survive through the day:

- At your convenience, please bring any snacks that can pump you up and for sharing with everyone at the food area.  Although fruits, snacks, nutrition bars and sports drinks will be provided, we've never had such a big crowd and do not know if our guests have huge stomachs.  Your generosity and kindness will be worshiped !!!  

Wanted: Line judges for finals and consolation finals:

- Please help us make the finals as formal as possible.  This is a way to honor the players' high performance and a great chance to watch the game at the closest distance.  Let us know if you'd like to volunteer to be a line judge at the check-in desk.  If nobody volunteers, we WILL volunteer you!!

The link to the draws you've been patiently waiting for while reading this post are below!

If you have more questions?  DON'T ASK!!!

Hehe... Send us email at fcbc.public@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you all this Sunday September 9th, 2012 !!

Best Regards,
FC Open Prep Team

Click Below link for Draws (in PDF format)

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