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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Monday evening session - Tournament Preparation Session

Dear all,

This tournament preparation session is designed for advanced players(level B & above), competitive players, especially those participating in tournaments.

Beginners can choose any other 4 sessions(Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat) to develop your games before attending Monday evening session.

However, if you are an advanced player but usually don't compete in tournaments, you are still welcome to attend the session.
To ensure the game quality and avoid unnecessary injuries, all the players need to consider your own skill levels before jumping into any games.

Here are some guidelines for this session:

1. All the players are expected to do a thorough warm-up and stretch before playing.  If you don't know any,   please run 2-3 laps around the gym then.  

2. Players with their turn to start a new game shall have the rights to invite players they want to play with.  Please do not jump into the court spontaneously without invitation.  This is very different from other sessions.
3. Please invite players who've been waiting rather than those just off the court.  Without finding suitable players, players may consider skipping this game and wait till the preferred players finish their games to join yours next.    (Otherwise, the session manager will help arrange a game in this circumstance.)

4. Same 4 players shall not play two games continuously unless there are no players waiting.

5. Each game will be conducted in best 2 out of 3 matches in order to help players build up stamina for real game situation in the tournaments.  This is very different from other sessions.  (Many of you must have had the experiences on winning the first match but losing the next 2 in the tournament.) 

6. Losers are encouraged to practice some physical fitness activities between games, such as push ups, running numerous laps in the gym, foot work practice, weight lifting...etc.  If you don't know any, you can ask Guhan or any monstrous players who can provide a variety of exercises to help strengthen your physical fitness for badminton.

Players will rotate depending on the attendance. 
Sometimes it could be "winners stay on the court for twice at most", sometimes "losers move to the other court", and sometimes "all the players get off the courts after one game".   Anyone can chose to rest and skip the game.

Last thing, depending on the participation and the demands for Singles games, we will try to accommodate Singles players.  Please inform the session manager, Shek, when you come in.   

Our goal is to make everyone exhausted but also learn something at the end of the session.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or recommendation to make this session even more competitive.  (No gambling please.)

Thank you very much.


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