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Friday, January 21, 2011

1/29 - FCBC Internal Fun Challenges !

Date: 1/29 (2-5pm)
Location: Aztlan Community Center
What's on: FCBC Internal Fun Challenges !
Deadline for registration: 1/26 (Wed) 0:00
Entry fee: $1 / per person (pls pay to Dorris and Julie whenever you see them)
Registration: Email to Serena any time from now till deadline

1/29 will be our internal fun challenge competition. Please email me if you are interested in playing some crazy fun games. Each player needs to donate $ 1 and players of the group with the highest accumulated score will win little prizes. The deadline for the entry registration is 1/26 (Wed), midnight of Tuesday. Club games will resume after Internal Fun Challenges if there's time left.

We'll separate participants into a couple of groups, with similar number of players at A, B, C levels. It'll be team work to win the prize. Please send your registration in ASAP so that you'll know who are your team mates. Your team will need to decide who're going to represent the team to play in each challenge. Each challenge will require different combination of the players to compete and every player will be required to compete in at least 2 challenges. But there's quota on the number of challenges that A/B+ grade players can compete. DO NOT ASSUME THESE ARE NORMAL BADMINTON GAMES!

More details will be announced soon.

Also, we need a few volunteers for the following:

1. 1-2 Photographers
2. 6 line judges

Please email me if anybody volunteers to help.

Thank you very much. See you Saturday.


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