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Thursday, December 16, 2010

12/18- Final club time before year ends !

Dear FCBC friends,

We've been losing players due to the lack of information on court availability and more the rotation system.
Our club is still new and is willing to try out different ways of operation.

Regarding the court availability, we'll have the announcement no later than Thursday night from now on. But please assume we'll only get 3 courts mostly from Oct to Feb due to basketball league season. If we have any chance to get 6 courts, we'll have the announcement. It's very likely for us to get 6 courts this coming Saturday, the final club time of this year. Seize the time and play till you drop!!!

Regarding the rotation system, it has been an issue since beginning, especially when people don't know each other so well and especially when only 1 gym is available for the club during basketball league season. Here's what we want to try:

We'll divide all players into 3 groups of different skill levels and assign each group to specific court(s). We'll have 3 group facilitators to monitor the rotation and shuttle consumption within the group.

1. Players get to play at similar levels.
2. Players still get the chance to play at different levels.
3. Each group takes in charge of their own rotation and nobody will be left out.
4. Enforce the team concept and strengthen the interaction among club members.
5. Better efficiency on rotation can be expected.
6. Shuttle management can be easier.

The main drawback is that cross group interaction might be minimal. But we'll hold friendly fun competitions within the club after the group coaching session is done. We'd like to see people mingle together via fun games. So be prepared!

What you can help us to make this rotation system operate more smoothly:

1. Please email your level category to me (please honestly grade yourself as one of A/ B+ /B- /C+ /C- /Beginners - 6 categories. We might do some adjustment later if necessary.)

2. There'll be 30 min open time(3:00-3:30) for cross-group games(it's a great opportunity to play at higher level and for advanced players to practice games without smashes)

3. Group facilitators will be chosen this Saturday and then might take turns when desired. Their jobs are mainly to monitor the rotation, manage the shuttle usage, take care of the new comers so nobody will be left out.

4. Each group's consumption of shuttles will be the foundation for the shuttle fee collection in the near future.

We're aware that some students from group coaching session tend to stay on the court and continue practicing afterwards.
Please remember that our club time will start right after the coaching session.
Group coaching students please get off the court immediately and let these waiting players go first unless there are not enough players. People who don't take group coaching sessions are encouraged to arrive earlier to warm up thoroughly so that you can be full on at 3pm.

Let's try this new system for 4 weeks and see how it goes. If you have any ideas, please don't hesitate to let me know.

See you Saturday!


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