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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Saturday Time ** Important Update **

Dear all,

I apologize for making a few group announcements in a short period if this causes any inconvenience to you.

To make the story short: while I attempted to get a fixed time at Senior Center, which you saw from my previous post, I was also working on getting extra club time at Aztlan Center. The whole point to obtain extra club time on weekend is to allow more players, who can't play during the week, to join us.

Luckily and finally, I received the most desirable result last night after supervisors internal discussion. I am very excited to announce that we got the approval on the extra badminton time on Saturday, 2-5pm, at Aztlan Center.

So please be aware that the plan for this Saturday has changed.

Location: Northside Aztlan Community Center
(112 E. Willow Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524)
Time: 2-5PM
Date: 10/9, 10/16, 10/23 (Every Saturday from now on, except holidays and those days booked for full day events that we'll be informed in advance)
No. of courts: 3+ courts (max. 6 courts)
Fee: Admission fee at the entrance
Skill level: All levels, beginners, non-beginners
Shuttlecock in use: YY-Club Feather shuttlecock

Badminton Clinic: 1hr (max. 15people, reservation only, please contact Serena)
Fee: Free on 10/9, Fee varies on the class size, coaching format (technique drilling $5-7; experience sharing/discussion- free) We'll try to settle this matter quickly after the first trial. This will be group decision, not individual decision.

**Rotating system will be in place when there are more than 20 players
**Arthur Zhu will assume the role of club coach during the trial period. His brief self-introduction is followed at the end of this message.

This the official approval from supervisors at Aztlan Center and they expect us to bring in good number of players. The center will monitor our attendance and shuttle consumption continuously. Our priority reservation might be canceled if our club can't validate our occupancy of the gym.

So please help stabilize and secure this new club time by showing up and playing, by promoting it and bringing your friends, loved ones to join. FCBC needs your support to grow bigger and stronger!

For those shuttlecock killers smashers, I can guarantee you competitive games. I'll keep inviting strong players from other clubs so you will have great opportunities to really sweat! Often we'll have enough courts for groups of different skill levels to play. Of course the organizer will endeavor to match players of different skill level in a most appropriate way as possible.

We look forward to seeing you Saturday! Thank you all for the support!

FCBC go go go !

About Arthur Zhu-
"My wife and I used to be national level players in China, trained in Fujian and Jiang Su province. I have worked as assistant coach in China Badminton Training Center, and helped with the coaching certification for high-performance coaches in China. After I moved to USA, I have coached in Midwest and East, working for various junior camps or coaching clinics. Last year, I moved to Laramie, WY for the faculty job in University of Wyoming, and I am currently serving in the panel of USAB coaching education department."

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