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Monday, October 4, 2010

Saturday Play Time - We Need Your Support!

Anybody wants to play on weekends when you miss the normal club time? Anybody wants to bring your loved ones to enjoy the beauty of badminton? Anybody wants to learn some techniques and improve your performance? Now here's the chance!

Background : a group of players wants to join us but they play mainly Tuesday night and Saturday morning
Size : 16 people (regular players) and more on the contact list
Skill level : B, C, beginners

First of all, it's my pleasure to announce that Fort Collins Badminton Club has got new friends! They are mostly CSU students and play regularly on Tuesday night & Saturday morning at Senior center. Most important of all, they're badminton lovers just like us.

How to show your supports : Show up and play on next three Saturdays (at least)
Venue : Senior Center
Date : 10/9, 10/16, 10/23 are critical because the sports center requests the attendance number for internal evaluation
Time: 9am to 12pm
Fee: Admission fee to Senior Center

Currently we've obtained the official approval to "3-week try outs" by the city of Fort Collins Recreation supervisor Katie. Starting from next Saturday (10/9), 9am - 12pm, the attendance rate and shuttlecock consumption will be recorded for continuous 3 weeks. We'll be using feather shuttles. Meanwhile, the supervisor will investigate whether any other groups might be interested in the same time slot for their activities. Hopefully after 3 weeks, Katie will be able to make the decision on granting us the time so that more people can play on weekends.

Badminton clinic : We're planning to get coaches and assistant coaches to help. Maximum: 15 people. First come, first serve. Reservation only. Let me know as soon as possible so this Saturday we can start!
Fee: $0-$7/ per person, depending on coaches and size of the class

We need your supports to secure this time slot on weekend so please spare the date, come to Senior Center and join us!

Thank you very much.

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