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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Badminton Coaching Sessions - Register Now!

Dear all,

I hope you enjoyed your trial session last Saturday.

After talking to Arthur, he thinks the majority of the trial group can form a beginner class.  A few people, advanced players, may consider private coaching.

This coaching plan comes from the objective to help you achieve certain level of skills and the mutual respect for the time both parties(students and coach) commit to.  Arthur will provide structured coaching sessions to help students improve their performance but it takes students' efforts in the meantime.  We hope both parties could maximize the benefits from the efforts you both spend.
  1. Coaching sessions won't be available if under 8 people register for the sessions.
  2. To ensure the skill level consistency of the class, no more students will be accepted in the middle of the program.
  3. 10 sessions per program and then you'll move on to the next level of program
  4. Number of students: max. 16
  5. Fee: $50 each person for 10 sessions if the class is larger than 10 people; $70 per person for 10 sessions if the class is less than 10 people
  6. One time payment, no refund.  Missing classes means your loss.  Serious players only.
  7. Holidays, closed gym and coach's absence due to uncontrollable factors are not counted in the 10 sessions.
Again, first come, first serve.  Please send your confirmation email to serena@fcbadminton.org. I'll announce immediately when the number of people has achieved 8 and when it reaches the maximum.

Thank you very much.


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